BurningAngel: Rocky’s Summoning


In the third and final part of Shadowbanned, from Joanna Angel, we see Rocky Emerson finally solving the mystery tied to the house she rented with Joanna and Maddy May. With the help of her followers, Rocky is able to finally bring back from the Shadowban influencer Jessie Lee, in flesh and boobs.

What better way to celebrate her return to the world of the visible influencers than a hot sexual affair with our beloved long legged model? I always love to watch Rocky on the screen, those long legs are a true marvel, and she definitely kicks ass in this lesbian scene with Jessie.

BurningAngel writes:

Taking a deep breath, Cady enacts her plan. As Cady and Jamie’s fans work together, Jamie (Jessie Lee) suddenly materializes. Cady is stunned as she realizes that not only has Jamie returned, but her online presence has too!/blockquote>

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