Michelle Aston goes without panties when walking her dog


Michelle Aston is one of the most fun new stars of the AltPorn world. She not only has fantastic tattoo work and frequently changing punky hairstyles, but she’s truly an alternative girl on the inside as well. You can learn a lot about her reading the interview she has on her new site and we completely recommend taking the time to check it out. She’s a very interesting and very sexy woman. Her site has a really eclectic mix of sexy and artistic content to look at as well. People seem to call her a MILF, but I’m not sure I see it. She just looks like a hot woman I’d want to hang out with and do cool art scene things with. This series was shot by Bob Coulter. I really like his outdoor work a lot.

Michelle Aston Boots
SpookyBlog writes:

Taking her doggie for a rooftop walk, tattooed MILF Michelle Aston can’t be bothered to put on a pair of panties — could you, if you had a shaved pussy as perfect and delectable as she does? Of course not, but if you had a major boot fetish you might put on a pair of ultra high heels like she does in this gorgeous set from recently launched Michelle-Aston.com.

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