BurningAngel: Nicole Does Not Kill People


While we’re on the subject of hot, well armed Goth girls are such a turn on! You know they are dangerous, but you also know the danger turns them on too. You’ll have to check out BurningAngel to see that great ‘breath-taking’ ass that Joanna’s all hopped up about though (or maybe January). I know, twist your arm and all that.

BurningAngel writes:

So, everyone in the Burning Angel office is officially in love with Nicole. She’s sweet and funny and she has “an absolutely breath-taking…heiney” – ummm, January made me write that; she and Nicole like to im back-and-forth all day quoting “Anchorman”…nerds! Everyone say “YAY” for Monday!

Joanna Angel

Photos by Sita Kaylin

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