BlueBlood: Scar 13 Gets Naked and Plays with Forbidden Fruit


I almost can’t think of a more mouth watering image than this one of beautiful Scar13 taking a bite out of one of the biggest lemons I’ve ever seen. The colors look great and I love the new hair! A lot of the work being called ‘alt’ these days is about as exciting as a tattoo shop dressingroom, which isn’t not exciting, but it’s hardly pushing the creative envelope to watch another human doodle-pad drop their khaki Dickies under cheap flourescents again. I’ve been enjoying the refreshing artistic work Blue Blood has been doing a lot lately. And Scar 13 is just yum.

SpookyBlog writes:

One of the best things about Scar is that she embodies everything Eve had to say in the Garden of Eden in one wicked look. She says, here, baby, have a little nibble, no one will mind. In this succulent GothicSluts photoset, her poisoned fruit of choice is a far cry from the traditional; it’s a tart, tangy lemon big enough to make love to, and with plenty of juice to sting all those hard to reach places. Pretty soon you’ll be begging Scar to lick them clean.

Photography by: Amelia G and Forrest Black

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