RubberDollies: Dramatic Deathrock Darenzia in Cool Black Latex


This RubberDollies series of Darenzia is just great. Creative high quality photography styled to look really cool! Once people get a chance to have quality pro pictures done, they usually go for a more mainstream accessable crossover look, so it’s really great to see so much go into a series that is actually meant to look like a kinky deathrock pinup fantasy.

SpookyBlog writes:

Black cutout latex, creamy white flesh, and brilliant blue hair what a stunning combination. Add in the fact that the creamy white flesh belongs to Darenzia and Rubberdollies has hit on a recipe for ultra hotness. Not only do we get to see the original outfit and her lovely nakedness in this steamy set but there’s also a bonus outfit in it that is sure to make your eyes pop out of your head I know it did mine.

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