RubberDollies: Shiny Militant Darenzia


Wow, she could write me a ticket! A lot of girls can’t pull off the whole security force militant cop motif, but these Darenzia pictures rule! I’ve got to hand it to Forrest and Amelia, the do seem to know what they are doing. She looks great!

SpookyBlog writes:

RubberDollies has such an awesome collection of really uniquely beautiful girls in amazing pervy latex. It’s like a fetishistic amusement park. But, every good amusement park needs some security to lay down the law when things get out of hand. Fortunately for all of us, sexy militant Darenzia is there to keep thinks in total control! At least, that’s the way our fantasy goes, and we’re sticking to it. Check out these kinky fun layouts over on BlueBlood’s

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