BurningAngel: A Striped Joanna Angel


Joanna Angel loves to show off and today she is helping out her friend and showing off one of the most confusing yet still sexy outfits I have ever seen. I have no idea what the outfit is for since it looks like a skin tight swimsuit with a hood and a pretty awesome zebra print. Joanna looks amazing as always even in this confusing outfit but I can’t help but like it better when she stripped down out of all her clothing and is showing off her sexy little holes, and her amazing body. Now I can’t get the idea of a herd of Joanna’s running through brush land dressed in this outfit, that is the type of safari I can get on board with.

BurningAngel A Striped Joanna Angel
Burning Angel writes:

My friend Lindsay Hearts made me this awesome hoodie body suit thing, and I had to show it off. When your good friend designs awesome clothing, it truly shows your appreciation for it when you put it on… and take it off.
Starring: Joanna Angel
Photographer: Kelly Lind

BurningAngel A Striped Joanna Angel

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