Review: Sappho’s Girls, Vol. 1 (DVD)


Watching the first DVD release from Sapphos Girls, I sorta felt like the white guy at the club wearing FUBU gear — it wasn’t made for me, but I certainly enjoy pretending it was. It’s a choice piece of independently-produced erotica by women, for women, with an emphasis on authenticity.

Sappho's Girls DVD Sappho's Girls DVD Sappho's Girls DVD

Serafina and Zoe’s scene was probably my favorite, because both girls had a cute college-girl look, so it was easy to imagine them as a couple 21-year-old english majors fooling around in their dorm room (and, hell, maybe they are ;). There’s genuine affection displayed by the couple, which is just so refreshing.

Sappho's Girls DVD Sappho's Girls DVD Sappho's Girls DVD

Nikki and Zille’s scene was the one I anticipated the most, as I’m familiar with both models, and there’s just something a little different (and fun) about watching someone you know get in on. It helps when they’re both gorgeous and obviously very much enjoying each other’s company. The girls take turns at giving each other enthusiastic orgasms with their tongues and fingers, and finishing the scene kissing and cuddling in each other’s arms.

Sappho's Girls DVD Sappho's Girls DVD Sappho's Girls DVD

The scene with Zille and Serafina is a bit older (shot in 2002), and a has slightly different feel than they other two — a bit more of a “fantasy” piece, with silk robes and more extravagant decor. The camera work is a little funkier too, with a few zoom-ins that don’t really work. It’s still a very sexy scene though, including Zille fucking Serafina with a big black strap-on, and some fun with latex gloves. Zille looks elegant with black hair and lingerie contrasting her smooth, pale skin. Serafina ain’t chopped liver either, and her innocent good looks play against Zille’s more vampish sensuality very nicely.

Sappho’s Girls Vol. 1 is a fairly utilitarian name, and the packaging isn’t fancy either. The DVD menus are fairly simple, and the camerawork is passable, but nothing to write home about. But there’s no doubt about the content: real lesbians having the kind of sex they enjoy, on camera so we can all enjoy it.

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