eroticbpm: Cherry


When my girlfriend moved in with me, one of the things she brought was her DVD copy of Cherry 2000 (1987), described by many as “Melanie Griffith’s last good movie.” I’ve actually never watched it, but it apparently involves a post-apocalyptic future where a dude goes on a quest to replace his lost sex android. With that in mind, let’s establish a couple things:

  • As far as I know, the model Cherry is not an android
  • Cherry looks better than Melanie Griffith
  • My girlfriend has a lot of movies, and not all of them are good
  • I have nothing against sex androids

(look, this is the best I could come up with that didn’t involve that Warrant song.)

Cherry on Cherry on (jesus, look at that ass!)

eroticBPM writes:

Recently the FDA warned the Cherry industry to stop marketing cherries as a cancer fighting food. I’ll make no such claim here, but I will say that if winter is setting in and you feel cold, looking at this hot Cherry is the perfect thing to warm you up.

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