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BurningAngel is one of the best sites I’ve seen so far. It strives hard to be a place to see and be seen, and it achieves this admirably. Girls, toys and girls, girls on girls, boys in girls, photos, videos, good god, what else you need to get you off? Shut up, sit down. Lemme finish this.

The visuals are pro. You may go through the albums and find some pictures that look like a trained monkey took them, but I doubt it. From what I’ve seen, the people behind the camera are people that were meant to be behind the camera.

Updates are virtually a daily guarantee. From the models’ blogs, to BA shit going on around the country, content updates, interviews with people either everyone knows or no one knows, music reviews, and just about anything else of interest happening on site, there’s plenty of new stuff to sift through. You won’t be waiting long for new porn. A nice set of 30 pictures average is posted about every two days.

The community isn’t as strong here as in other sites I’ve seen. Of course, with content like BA has, why bother dicking around with other members? I’d be looking at porn, too. I couldn’t find evidence of a chat, but they do have forums. There’s a little over a thousand people on the forums, but only a bit more than 175 of them have made a post, with even fewer making frequent posts. If they do have a chat that I couldn’t find (refer to the great Fatal Beauty incident of ’04… size matters), then great! If not, they need one. I think having a chat could really pull things together nicely, and I’m sure it’d see a lot of use.

BA is currently holding an art contest, lasting ’til the final week of August. They promise the winner’s piece will be used in their printed publications and on whatever internet shit they deem appropriate for. They also have friends, who have friends and other friends, who know some people who need some superior artwork from time to time, and BA will make sure they know your name. Sounds good. I like that whole ‘patron of the arts’ thing. Not sure if they do contests like this often. If not, they should. Other things on the site not directly related to porn are the interviews with the people who do stuff and have hair and wore that shirt last Friday, and music reviews to help you make wise decisions when expanding your collection of noise.

The site is pretty easy to use, if you can read. The one thing that irks me is that the boy/girl & girl/girl sets are tucked deep inside the “girls” pages. Page 5 to be exact, and there are no entries for them in the wonderful drop down bar used to instantly teleport right to the girl you want to see. So, what if I come in and want to see some cock in pussy right off the bat? Or girls going at each other? What about me, man? Where’s my point, click, gratification?

Pricing plans are:

  • $10 for 30 days (recurring)
  • $40 for 6 months
  • $80 for a year

(The last two options don’t say whether they are recurring or not. I’d just as soon assume they aren’t, but you might want to check.) [Update: the 6-month and year plans are non-recurring – Ed]

The exchange of money for goods is handled by ccbill, and you can find the joining info and all that implies right here:

Webmaster program, webmaster program, webmaste… hmm. If there is one, I couldn’t find it. However, there are plenty of opportunities to receive free memberships and other goodies from their street team program.

On the whole, Burning Angel was pretty badass. Despite the annoying Indiana Jones type quest to find male/female intercourse, I enjoyed my visit, and will probably join the street team since I’m a poor sombitch who can’t pay for my porn the regular way, even at rates as low as BA’s. Oh well.

What’s hot:

  • Burning Angel – patron of the arts!
  • The chicks are just bangin’. Jane has a super nice ass, all round and firm and… *ahem*

What snot:

  • I don’t want to treat the search for the sex galleries like the search for the meaning of life. Separate that shit, yo, and gimme a straightforward link.

Seven page love letters to my cock can be sent to:

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  1. jordan

    site isnt bad. chicks are not that great quality. their image page is horrible. (they are using gallery) gallery is not made for porn sites and just looks like they spent very little time working on the backend of the site. pictures are not high res, pretty small. not a very good site for spank and click, IMO

  2. jordan

    i like all kinda chicks. it has nothing to do with the type of chick. im dating a chick right now that it like most chicks on sg and burning angel. I guess if your type of girl is a heavier , chubby girl. then burning angel is prolly good for you since most of the chicks are chubby. i was mostly saying that their image viewing system (gallery) is not made for porn site use. It is a pain in the ass to look though their images .

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