StaggStreet: A Good Trip on Wheels

Well, I know quite well that what Ellen Stagg did here was just to use a photo filter, but sometimes I stubbornly refuse rational knowledge in favor of more interesting explanations. I am, in fact, very sure that this photoshoot involved something more than just taking a mere filter and shooting Jelena Jensen wearing only her rollerskates.

What I cannot decide, is whether this extra something involves unicorn dust, sprinkled in the air – we all know quite well it takes a long time to subside – or the photographer managed to find a way to put the camera on psychedelic drugs.

In both cases, the end result is a colorful, dreamy set, that will burn itself in your subconscious mind and come back during the dark moments of the day to bring back color and beauty in your life.

Stagg Street writes:

I love roller skates, but surprisingly I have not shot with them much. And I love using my rainbow filter. Jelena outside with skates, rainbows and just being hot. What else do you need

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