RylskyArt: Tetuanuote featuring Marta Gromova


In this steamy photoshoot by RylskyArt, Marta Gromova is presented in what feels like a modern take on classical renaissance portraits and the way they celebrate the body. Bare with me here, as the set not only shows off the sexiness and beauty of Marta but also does it against a scenic backdrop of a rustic mountainside town. It reads like a classic story, frame-by-frame building up to climax.

As the set goes on, she strips and plays with her bikini as well as the camera. You can feel her gaze pulling you in to this fantasy, captured with artistry that can’t be left unmentioned. The lighting and use of angles that capture the lust-enducing poses as well as the backdrop create a place where you want to be. It’s a fantastical titillating moment, somewhere far from here.

The celebration of the female body and its eroticism outdoors strikes as timeless. In a slow-boil, Marta Gromova reveals more of her bare skin in each picture. RylskyArt cleverly uses a crystal goblet that also plays in to the fantasy, at points intentionally blocking the view between the thighs and teasing you more. This team worked well together and I look forward to seeing what world they create in their next shoot.

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