GodsGirls: A Nude Stroll in the Woods

Natural light gives a roundness and fullness to images that it’s hard to reproduce in studio. Whenever this meets with the complex game of translucency and shadows produced by tree branches, the light on the model becomes uniquely characterized, and truly irresistible as well if – like me – you are in love with trees and forests.
Beautiful Ursinae is the perfect model for a naked walk among the trees. Not only she has the tattoos and piercings that make her look so “savage”, she has also the raw, slightly androgynous sexyness that I would expect from a nymph or dryad.
If I were to meet here naked in a forest, I’d gladly get lost in the woods forever.

GodsGirls writes:

I’m a jill of all trades. Queer, pangender, pansexual. I wanna try it all, taste every flavors, travel everywhere, choose every colors. Life is too small for me.

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