GodsGirls: Little Lost Lolo

In our society of comforts and technology, the imagery of winter and snow is often tied to a festive mood, careless about the actual danger that such kind of weather can pose to those living in the wilderness.
Small defenseless animals often have problems finding food and shelter, and may venture near settlements looking for a comfy house. This may come easier if the little lost animal has long pink hair like Miss Lolo! Getting all cuddly, she undresses in front of the porch, almost asking for a nice warm place by the fire.
Wouldn’t you help such a cute, busty, tatooed, milk skinned beauty to endure the rigid winter?

GodsGirls writes:

I yam what I yam. I love all things obscure, latex, tattoos, video games, bondage, kitties, weed, coffee and I’m a little obsessed with all things hello kitty =^_^= I love being nude and have been alt modeling since 2007.

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