RazorCandi: Vivacious Selfie Shoot


This set is particularly good because it is all shot by RazorCandi herself, which makes each picture look a lot more intimate, as if the images you are seeing had been texted directly to you. She is wearing a sultry see-through lingerie set, and I don’t need to tell you how hot it is to have the gorgeous RazorCandi in an outfit that lets you see a hint of her nude body under the fabric.

Since all the images are selfies on this set, the close ups are the order of the day, a thing that works magnificently here because you not only get to be close to her sensual body, but the fact that she is taking most of these pics on her own makes it possible for her to show you lots of interesting angles where you can see much more of her hot body while she poses teasing you and making you pant with desire. That is how powerful her poses are, not only because of her inherent hotness, but also because she seems to have pulled all the stops here to show her more alluring and erotically playful side. The RazorCandi book really shows this.



Razor Candi writes:

Another spur of the moment selfie shoot. I’ve only used this cute two piece once before and thought it would be a cute match for my current hair color. I know most of you enjoy the more intimate side of these so I also took some extra time to shoot a hot selfie video as well! Enjoy.