RazorCandi: Going Full Nature

There are many ways for a model to show talent. One of these, is: being versatile. Our beloved Razorcandi has shown to have this trait, among her many. In this set, she goes for simplicity itself: an outdoor full naked set, just showing off her beautiful body with no dress whatsoever.
In the diffuse light of this setting, surrounded by nature’s beauty, she shows off simply and effectively, capturing our attention with her sexy curves. The deep greens of the grass and foliage contrast with the pale pink of her skin, bringing out all of her character in a simple, yet thoroughly pleasant set.

It is an interesting addition to a long and well documented career!

Razor Candi writes:

A perfect set for the autumn season. I was very inspired to shoot something soft with a note of simplicity. Being off grid for a couple if weeks after my return to the US left an imprint on my creativity. Surrounded by the flora and fauna of the Appalachian mountains I surrendered to my most natural form allowing nature envelop me in her delicate embrace.

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