BlueBlood: Arkida Reeves Classic Pool Tease

I can’t think of many games or sports with more sexual innuendo than pool. Long wooden sticks, balls, holes… it’s no wonder it is a theme that could probably fit in a genre of its own. Arkida Reeves fits in this genre the best way possible. A sexy brunette, with a slight hint of exotic in her beautiful face, generous curves and legs so long that she should consider a petrol stop around the knees 🙂 .

Warm brilliant colors, a familiar setting, provocative poses and lots and lots of sensuality will make you love every picture of this gorgeous set on BlueBlood. Someone hand me a cue, I’m in the mood to play.

Blue Blood writes:

Arkida Reeves stops me in my tracks, metaphorically speaking. I love her huge eyes and those pouty full lips. This is a sexy set that I hope you enjoy as much as I do.

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