BurningAngel: Rachel Madori Gets Satisfyingly Filled

In one of Rachel Madori’s final scenes, she gets to do her favorite, double penetration! After explaining the strength of her orgasms while being completely filled up, the action begins quickly as both men begin to ravage her as soon as she’s close enough to be touched.

The first dick goes in her mouth after she is forced up off of the couch with a hand around her throat. Rachel drops to her knees and is traded back and forth, having her beautiful face fucked by one cock and then the other, over and over again. She said that she wanted it rough and these men are not disappointing. First, she gets fucked by one while the other gags her with his cock, and then she is very roughly spun around and spit roasted the opposite way.

They continue trading her back and forth in different positions until the ravenous girl got what she wanted, a cock deep in her asshole. Before long, she is completely filled with both cocks, and the only word that she is able to utter is “Yes!” with every thrust.

All that’s left is the grand finale, as Rachel goes back down to her knees to get her face and mouth covered in two thick loads of cum.

Burning Angel writes:

Since she has no hair to pull with her freshly shaven head, the boys take turns grabbing her beautiful face to thrust their dicks down her throat, nearly drowning in her own spit, while alternating between fucking Rachael’s pussy and ass making a mess of her in the process!

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