RazorCandi: Razor Candi Takes A Walk With Nothing Under Her Coat


If you haven’t already seen a Razor Candi shoot you’ve been missing something your entire life- and I have that something for you right here, right now.

According to her website, Razor Candi is the most well-known gothic deathrock altmodel in the world and I can understand why. Her shoots range from Cosplay (Like Bride of Frankenstine and Batgirl), to deathrock, pinup, goth, and gothic. Today, I’ve got a very gothic set for you to look at. The set is all about going outside on a nice winter day and having a nice relaxing walk- without anything on under her coat of course. This beautiful woman knows how to rock a vintage dress and furry hat, which not many people can pull off. Razor Candi does, and she does it damn well.

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Razor Candi writes:

I thought a nice outside shoot was needed. I know it doesn’t really look like it but this set was shot in the dead of winter last year and I thought it would be a fitting set to share this summer to cool down the hot season 😉 I was hoping there would be some snow or it would be snowing during the set but I think the dead trees paired with the shining sun coating the ground littered with dead leaves adds a beautiful touch. I think the variety in atmosphere is also an appealing asset since the photos with the shining sun give off a very warm and cozy setting while the photos shot without the sun seem so bleak and cold.


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