GodsGirl Kvlt’s gore nurse: horror and sex

I’m a very big Silent Hill fan. The second game literally changed my life as a kid i.e. it freaked me the fuck out. One of the scariest (and coolest) things about the game were the psychotic moaning nurses with severely disfigured faces. Terrifying but still… kinda hot 🙂 In that fear, I found excitement, fantasy, and overwhelming desire for more. This set by the creative Kvlt kinda brings up similar sensations. This GodsGirls set breaths new life into the “sexy nurse” outfit.

As she strips the set keeps getting freakier. First of all, we get the big reveal of her bangin’ body: beautiful tits and curves. Then a blood-filled syringe enters the play. If you’re anything like me and suffer from a disturbing syringe and medical fetish this will drive you mad with excitement. She plays with the instrument making blood drip all over her tits, even shoving it in her pussy. Kvlt is a wonderful example how horror and eroticism go hand in hand, and how fear and excitement are sometimes closely entwined.

GodsGirls writes:

“Too late for me.
This town will win.
Through this fog they came along.
Dark creatures singing a terrible song.”

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