A Very Special Wand Tease From Fantasy Girl ZillyKitty


ZillyKitty has a series of lights shining in the background. They are in the shape of her initials, and they play with different tones that all bathe her lovely naked body while she leans back on her chair with her legs spread, offering a tasteful view of her bald pussy and the long vibrator that makes her moan and shake while she playfully bites on her lip.

This show is so naughty and so well-done that I even enjoy the set up moments because, whenever she leans in to do something like adjust her camera, ZillyKitty gives us a sweet close up of her big titties to go with her wand play, which resumes almost immediately in the most erotic of ways.

ZillyKitty Writes:

Meow =^.^=

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