RazorCandi: Feeding Your Innermost Desires

RazorCandi looks very good as she makes you feel the closeness that one gets on a casual setting like the one she is on, with the added excitement of having a wonderfully hot woman to share a good time with.

The level of passionate allure is rather high on this set, as it not only shows the casual clothes that RazorCandi is wearing, but it also lets you see a lot of her naked body, and in this regard there is one specific pose where she is standing in front of the camera and she has her shirt rolled up so you can see her abdomen and magnificent breasts (and other very interesting things down under) that do make her look impressively hot, and is incidentally one of my favorite poses because it lets you see her as she is taking off her clothes, but before it all comes off completely, building up anticipation for what is next, which in this case is a lot of caressing of her toned body until the temperature gets high enough that she starts playing intimately with her toy in this combo of pictures and a video that details the whole experience for your amusement.

Though I will always prefer shooting sets which involve more props, make up, costumes and creativity I still love shooting sets like this for the same reason you all love them – the intimacy. This set was a custom request, I don’t do these often but if I like the project and it’s well funded then I don’t mind going out of my way a little 😉 It is always fun for me to shoot in my casual wear and show off a more personal and intimate side of me. Luckily for you the requester won’t be the only one to lay their eyes on that side of me as he was kind enough to agree to me publishing it! Best part is… there is also a video so don’t forget to head over to my videos section to see what naughty things I like to get up to during my sets 😉

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