BarelyEvil: Asphyxia Noir- Girl, guns and Hello Kittie


BarelyEvil‘s photographers have taken a very unique photo shoot with the adorable Asphyxia Noir. She’s a perfect blend of cute and hot, and she’s gonna blow your mind for sure. She is wearing a very cute onesie with Hello Kittie prints and very creative makeup, but cute gets hot and dangerous in a second with Asphyxia when she gets her hands, and tongue, on a gun. After a few shots with the cute onesie, she slowly undresses while posing very arousingly with the gun. Her tits are just perfect, and her ass is spank-able. Asphyxia Noir lays down on a comfy pink rug, and takes amazingly exciting pictures surrounded by guns. Make sure to check the entire gallery, it’s mind-blowing.

Blue Blood’s BarelyEvil writes:

The first time I met Asphyxia Noir was at a mutual pal’s house. This is a mutual pal who tends to have some very bizarro parties with interesting assortments of attendees. I immediately thought that what is so appealing about Asphyxia is a certain combination of childlike innocence and disturbing danger. I knew right then that I had to shoot her in a cuddly onesie with firearms. Now I have finally been able to get the images of this which I’ve been carrying in my head onto your computer screens. I hope you love these shots Forrest Black and I created with Asphyxia.

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