GothicSluts: Eidyia gets caged

Every fan of Eidyia knows that she is always changing, she changes her hair, makeup, outfits, has all sorts of toys and interesting ideas, so most likely you won’t ever see a photo set of her similar to any other she’s done, and that is awesome. In this GothicSluts photo set she is going from dominant to dominated and gets in a cage, naked of course. We get to see her twirling around in her tiny cage, as she portrays an innocent face as well as a “you know you want to get in a fuck my brains out” pose. We also get to see some close up shots of her beautiful rosy cunt.

Blue Blood’s Gothic Sluts writes:

Why does our buddy Kevin have a cage in his living room? I don’t know. But I do know that, the moment she set eyes on it, Eidyia had to try it out. So Forrest Black and I naturally obliged her. Eidyia usually tops, but she likes to switch from time to time as well.

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