BurningAngel: Kleio Valentien might not be a famous female boxer but she is a knockout


As the disclaimer says on this Burning Angel parody, this is NOT Ronda Rousey. But to be honest I’d rather watch Kleio Valentien fuck, and Ronda fight. Let’s leave the real fighting to the professional fighters, and the fucking to the pornfessional fuckers! Besides, I’d take Kleio to win over Ronda in a fucking competition any day.

Kleio‘s body is super ripped for this parody. In one scene, you see Kleio riding reverse cowgirl on Derrick Pierce‘s cock, and her rock hard abs and bouncing tits look magnificent. I was hoping Derrick would finish the scene by making Kleio “take one on the chin”, but he chose to go for a body shot instead. Oh well, there’s always hope for round two!

As a side note, in radio interviews promoting this scene for Burning Angel, Kleio has stated that she would love to go out on a date with Ronda Rousey. Oh please God, make this happen and please let the Burning Angel cameras be there to catch all the “action”! Kleio will definitely turn Ronda into a lover, not a fighter.

Burning Angel writes:

UFC fighter Ronda ArouseMe, portrayed by Kleio Valentien, got back from a jog and her trainer discussed strategy from upcoming match with Miesha Taint, and told her to get back in the ring again. They worked on Ronda’s tit bar, and figured out how to handle that overhead right pussy punch. They were finishing up when Ronda noticed her trainer’s erection – they don’t call her Ronda ArouseMe for nothing! Maybe it was about time to work up a sweat learning a takedown: the world-famous Derrick pole strike! Maybe she should fuck hard for cardio instead.. His cock may be the only thing to ever make her tap out.

Burning Angel
Burning Angel

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