GodsGirls: Civil white Christmas

GodsGirl Civil is keeping it simple and classy with her “Happy Holidays” set.

The stunning brunette has dressed herself nice in a white two-piece costume, and both her bra and smoking panties have green little ribbons, classy and cute.

She’s posing near a Christmas decoration, in poses that look like a lascivious dance, making the mind of the viewer go blank. Then, she gets comfortable and gradually takes of her white lingerie to reveal her curvy shape we know and love, but not without teasing a bit. First she reveals her breast that look even better without that cute white bra, the we get to be pleased by the sight of her booty and juicy twat.

I must say i really admired the way her pictures were simple and classy, but also arousing.

GodsGirls writes:

Thank you all so much for letting me be apart of your community!!!

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