BurningAngel: Today on the Twelve Days of Christmas: 5 Girls a-Dildoing


Ok, it is a little cliché to do a porno of a bunch of beautiful women getting dildos for Christmas and then using them on each other until it is a cumfest, but sometimes cliché is okay. Especially when the women are as gorgeous as Joanna Angel, Nikki Hearts, Kleio Valentien, Jessie Lee, and Sierra Cure.

But really, when you think about it, this is probably close to real life. Well, real life for a porn star, if that can be considered real. I mean, imagine we’re Burning Angel planning the company Christmas party. We’ll invite all the actors, actresses, cameramen, sound engineers, costume designers, and that guy who cleans all the semen off the floors after a scene (wait, did we even hire him or did he just show up one day?). But what do we get everyone as a gift? I imagine they really do give dildos to all their female staff, then just sit back and watch as nature takes it course.

In this Burning Angel scene, three of the girls are (barely) dressed as sexy Mrs Clauses and the other two are sexy reindeer, and they sit around a pile of wrapped dildos, drawing lots out of a Santa hat to see who gets which dildo. Its kind of like a kinky version of Russian roulette where everyone wins! After they unwrap the dildos, they start fucking themselves with the dildos until all of the girls cum a bit early for Christmas.

Next Christmas, I know the Burning Angel girls be getting another round of dildos, and I know I’ll be furiously masturbating to it. I’m not complaining, I just wish there was someway to spice things up a bit. Thoughts?

Burning Angel writes:

I hosted a Christmas party at my apartment and we played a little gift exchange game. It turned out all my girlfriends were just as perverted as I was and no one brought anything except dildos to the party! ‘Tis the season to masturbate with your friends.


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