DirtyDiablos: Hot Birthday Treat Rio Nash Ass Fucked

After watching a lengthy discussion of how tattoos should be counted by hours under the needle rather than number of tats, we get to see punky hot ink collector Rio Nash get fucked by Ralph Long for his birthday. Much like a birthday cake, they stick a candle up her sexy ass and make a wish before blowing it out, then she blows him back before taking his bick cock in her cute little shaved pussy. He also goes hard and fast up her ass as her moans echo through the room. This isn’t the most artistic alternative porn out there, but it does what it’s supposed to. Dirty Diablos features some really interesting girls I haven’t seen much of elsewhere and the sexy is straight up hardcore. I do wish they got the dimensions right on their high quality pic galleries, but probably nobody but me looks at all the pictures before checking out the dirty videos anyway. Rio Nash looks really hot with thick gobs of cum running out of her mouth and down her colorful chest.

Rio Nash
Dirty Diablos writes:

A good friend Ralph Long was in town and it happened to be his birthday & we wanted to do something special for him. Sanchez told Rio to come over and we came up with an awesome birthday surprise from her. Rio is a down ass chick that is willing to take one for the time. She had no problem sticking a lit dinner candle in her ass while we sang happy birthday to Ralph. He was surprised and happy to celebrate his birthday with an anal cake. He made his wish, blew out the candle, and Rio started to blow him. After slobbing all over the birthday boy’s dick she gives ralph what he has been waiting for, some of that sweet pussy. After abusing her pussy she suggested for his Birthday present he stick his dick in her ass, Ralph no problem filling her ass with hard cock. After giving a good ass pounding Ralph puts some icing on the cake…. I mean her face. Happy Anal Birthday Ralph!

Rio Nash

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