BarelyEvil: Hot Tattooed Barbie Supreme


I really like this moody intimate photo series of a heavily tattooed and decoratively scarred girl called Barbie Supreme that was just added to the BarelyEvil collection. It’s all shot right up close in her bed and I love some of the angles and poses. It really gives the feel of being right there in bed with her, enjoying her beautiful soft warm body. Barbie has some crazy ink too! The shallow depth of field shots with her seductive expressions and sharp detail on her hot ass might need to be saved as my new desktop. Shhh, don’t tell.

BarelyEvil Hot Tattooed Barbie Supreme
Blue Blood’s BarelyEvil writes:

I’d like to introduce you all to Barbie Supreme, lensed by Brett Nelson.
–Amelia G

BarelyEvil Hot Tattooed Barbie Supreme

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