Image Standards Question

When you are browsing your favorite AltPorn sites, what size images to you enjoy most? For vertical or portrait images, lately we’ve seen sites running all sorts of different sizes, 1000px, 900px, 800px, 640px high, and for horizontal or landscape we’ve been seeing 1200px, 1000px, 900px, 640px wide. Take a look at your favorite site, with what you feel are the most enjoyable to look at and let us know the picture dimensions you like best on your screen, both for vertical and horizontal shots.

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  1. Leila

    Personally I like to see larger images but anything over 1000px just doesn’t seem necessary. I think it’s kinda annoying to have to scroll to see the entire image. But of coarse if I had a bigger monitor I would probably feel different.

  2. NakedMeagan

    I prefer larger images so I can use them as a desktop if I like it, also I like to see the details of every labia fold. Most people now days run a resolution of 1280×1024 or higher so there is really nothing to hold a site owner back from 1280 images.

  3. e-head

    I just got a new 21″ monitor that is 1920×1200 (or something absurd like that), so I like the big pics. So, if you have an eye to the future, just consider that one day 1920×1200 won’t be unusual.

  4. AltPorn

    The question is about standard image size for vertical and horizontal images, not monitor size. Browser toolbars and site navigation take up some space. Cutter looked up the image sizes on some of our favorite alt sites and seemed surprised. I run at 1680×1050 and 1000px high images are just a sliver too big, even without site navigation above them.

  5. Sean Adamz

    At lazerbunny, I have some issues with my own gallery and know that the sizes of things and the gallery that you use has alot to do with the sites performance as well as the gallery script running it. Some sites that are newer have sites that create a wrapper that acts as a browser in a way and takes up more room WITH the browser stuff too. I like personally for a few reasons, one of the main reasons being that all of his images are just under full screen for most monitors i have seen it on including laptops. Crazybabe is also run on an html site which allows for more full screen photos becasue its just bringing up the photo at actual size and not the photo inside of a gallery inside of a site. So, in my opinion along with the sizes you also have to think about the design of the entire site, and the fact that you ONLY see the photos when viewing full size at crazybabe is a big plus.
    ps most of his photos are landscapes 1000 wide.

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