2022 AltPorn Hall of Fame Inductees


This June, along with announcing the winners of the AltPorn Awards aka AltStar Awards presented by Bad Dragon, we inducted a few key people into the AltStar Hall of Fame. These are people who have truly changed the shape of alt and made a difference for all creators in the space.

Small Hands

  • First up, we have Small Hands. At a time when the mainstream of the industry believed nobody looked at the guy in boy/girl videos, he became a sought after star. The AltPorn Awards was the first awards show to name him Male Performer of the Year, but many more accolades were to come.

Joanna Angel

  • Next up, we have Joanna Angel. At a time when most alt work was photo-based, she went all in on video. Her work helped make it normative for tattooed pornstars to appear in big studio porn productions.

Amelia G

  • A decade before the first alt sites graced the internet, at a time when adult media was bland with little cultural content, Amelia G had the courage to publish erotica informed by punk and science fiction and goth-industrial and fetish subcultures, breaking down the doors for a whole new genre.

Forrest Black

  • Forrest Black has been a leading visionary in visual arts for alternative erotica for three decades. His design work and photography, first in print publishing, and then in the early days of the web, set the standards and aesthetics that would eventually be adopted across our scene.

Masuimi Max

  • The legendary Masuimi Max was mixing burlesque and fetish and punk before altmodel was even a term. Her electrifying live performances changed expectations and she has been on more magazine covers than any other altmodel.

You can browse the AltPorn Awards photos tag to see photos from the event.

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