QuantCast AltPorn A List Rankings September 2007

The leaves are starting to change and Fall appears to be here, and it’s time for our September QuantCast AltPorn A-List rankings report. Although there is no real massive shakeup, there has been some movement. Biggest winners this month are BrokenDollz, Blue Blood’s news and community site, and Fatal-Beauties.com (which is actually Blue Blood’s promotional site for FatalBeauty, through Blue Blood’s SpookyCash site promotional program.) Each of these sites gained three spots in the general monthly QuantCast AltPorn A-List rankings since last month. Also of note, CrazyBabe got another spike in traffic and moved into the second position again.

QuantCast seems to have made adjustments to eliminate the traffic/rankings anomaly we noticed last month, where actual quantified publishers such as AltPorn.net and Deviant Nation took a hit in rankings that seemed to be out of line with our estimated monthly traffic (EMV), but it looks like the result is that they may have simply lowered the estimate. We’re still scratching our heads on that.

AltPorn Quantcast Ranking

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