Thank You BlueBlood for Safe & Stylish
Party Bus Transport to AltStar Awards


We just want to take a moment to express our appreciation of BlueBlood sponsoring the safe and stylish party bus transportation between the AltStar convention hotel and the AltStar Awards ceremony venue. It was a fun way to head out for the evening and give everyone a chance to chat with other attendees, both before even arriving at the show, and afterwards when winding down from an exciting evening and heading back to the hotel. We love being a part of the friendly and supportive alt community and giving us all the opportunity to gather.

The wonderfully creative and venerable artists over at BlueBlood are famous for their high end magazine quality photography and publishing innovation. Providing attendees with safe transport from the hotel to and from the AltStar Awards venue is another beautiful act in their many decades of dedication to the alt community.

Zaturn writes: Sitting next to @wholesomefilth
on the @AltPornNet
Party Bus. Was so cool this was a thing this year !
📸 : @cybershots_net

Dreads Way writes: Thank you @AltPornNet for throwing an amazing award show 🙏 Had a blast meeting and hanging with all the Sexy Creators @ Com Models 🙌
Amazing group of talented fun individuals 🙌

wholesomefilth writes: ok but the shuttle that was provided by @AltPornNet
was a vibe I felt like sucha VIP riding safely in style! shoutout to my anon plus one grabbing all my pics that night, too 😇🔥

ajsaetra writes:
@lacey.hope.c and I on the party bussss

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