QuantCast AltPorn A List Rankings August 2007

It’s time for our mid month QuantCast installment of our ongoing AltPorn A List traffic and popularity analysis study. QuantCast has been doing fairly constant improvements to their data gathering and reporting technology and it’s getting to a pretty impressive stage at this point. From our experience, looking at the stats we have available to us, I’m starting to trust their measures even more than Alexa lately. But, we still feel that the more sources of data you have, the better picture you will be able to create when it comes to understanding where things are really at.

Over the last month, we went ahead and added the QuantCast measuring code to our own site, AltPorn.net and had ourselves qualified as a quantified publisher, which gives a much more direct and more accurate measure of traffic for analysis. We added ourselves to the chart, just for good measure, and based on other logs and stats I have access too, it seems that QuantCast is still in the neighborhood of about 15 to 20 percent low. However, that’s not a bad margin of error comparing traffic analysis tools to internal stats and logs. It looks like Deviant Nation has done the same and embedded their QuantCast measuring tool to their site as well, as they are now also listed as a Quantified Publisher. It also seems to have popped them up a number of spots to a more accurate accounting of their position. I do find it interesting that as a Quantified Publisher, our rank for APN is lower than NaughtyFlipside, but our Estimated Monthly Visitors is actually 14,000 visitors higher, with a similar ranking anomaly occurring for Deviant Nation, who would fall in position nine, rather than thirteen, if we sorted by estimated visitors.

Movers and shakers, NaughtyFlipside moved up six positions, although this is to be expected with a brand new site from an established pro adult company like Naughty America. BlueBlood’s BarelyEvil took the number two spot, so Blue Blood still has three sites in the top five. According to the QuantCast charts, CrazyBabe traffic seems to be very volatile, coming in huge bursts and then dropping back off, so they move around a bit in position, but they seem to be settling a bit for the time being. Although GodsGirls did improve their traffic slightly, they still fell a couple spots, being edged out by the gains of EroticBPM and NaughtyFlipside. We consider inserting ourselves in the chart to be a little artificial, so I won’t ding them for falling the full three spots listed on the chart below. Otherwise, sites at the back end of the chart do seem to be having trouble keeping up with the leaders.

AltPorn Quantcast Ranking

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