AltPorn: AltPorn Genre History Timeline

We at have recently done a lot of research using reputable sources including, as well as other verifiable documentation, to collect for you the definitive timeline and history of the AltPorn genre. This timeline goes back a bit farther than the actual descriptive term AltPorn, but that label was coined to describe an existing and/or developing genre, so this just makes sense.

We’re starting this new project in the name of accuracy. Too many articles have been published with incorrect information regarding site launch dates and such. as a matter of fact, if I see one more article claiming SuicideGirls was first and everybody else copied them, I’m going postal. It probably shouldn’t matter much who started first, so long as they are doing a good project right now, but since it does seem to matter enough for people to write about it, we feel like they should have the most correct information available.

Much like our Alexa ‘A’ List charts, this is a bit of a work in progress. There may be a few sites missing and given the nature of the site crawling spiders, the dates could be up to one or two months off, but we feel this is pretty complete. We welcome any site owners who would like to give more refined documented information. We are also interested in suggestions from our readers about sites we may have overlooked. Just email us at

On a side note, there was no information available for the launch dates of,,, or


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