BurningAngel: Brooklyn and Jane

As you can see, we’re catching up on some updates as well. It looks like everyone has been pretty busy putting a lot of sexy stuff on their sites, and BurningAngel is no exception. They just found this sexy interactive set of Brooklyn and Jane in their lost and found and we’re pleased they located it since these two sure get pretty hot together. Very explicit stuff. I’d love to see a video of these two together. Jane has such a hot little body and it’s exciting to see an altporn vet like Brooklyn corrupting her. (And the nerds over here are particularly entertained by the space invader sneaking in there too.)

BurningAngel writes:

So here are some more photos from BurningAngel’s lost and found collection. It’s a photo-set of Brooklyn and Jane from like two years ago that we just uh… forgot to put up. It happens sometimes. Shame on us, these are some damn good photos. I hope you like them!

Joanna Angel

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