Altporn ‘A' List Alexa: Jan 01, 2007

New Years day seemed like a fine enough time to publish our first follow up to the Altporn ‘A’ List Alexa Rankings article from early December 2006. We decided to remove the Google PR, since it’s not particularly germane to this study, and we’ve replaced it with a column illustrating the positional change since the last measure. 0 obviously means no change in position, positive integers indicate a rise in positional ranking as compared to other sites in the ‘A’ list, and negative integers would indicate a loss in positional rank. Again, we’d like to acknowledge that Alexa ranking is not to be taken as the purest measure, but it is one of the best measures we have available to get an idea of site popularity. This is particularly true when it comes to measuring a particular genre of sites, as their viewing demographics are likely to be somewhat similar.

If you would like more information about Alexa rankings, we recommend that you also see the original Altporn ‘A’ List Alexa Rankings article for a slightly more in depth description.

Altporn A List January 01 2007

0 thoughts on “Altporn ‘A' List Alexa: Jan 01, 2007

  1. Leila

    I just tried to download the alexa toolbar but can’t since I use firefox. Appearently you can’t use it if you have a mac either. Oh well, it’s still interesting to see the rankings.

  2. delilah

    brokendollz is at 478,376 for its three month average now. Seems like the three month average pops up at different times for different sites (does it start when the site goes up on alexa initially?). Anyway, I’m rambling, and of course incredibly obsessed with alexa. Its the only time I use internut exploder so I can look at hot nekkid chicks. I love these updates, keep it up! look foward to checking up on the comparison chart

  3. Beeker the StatsNrrd

    Looks like the Alexa just updated for BrokenDollz, Delilah. With a 3 month change listed as being up 1,151,492 points, it seems like the site is doing well. How often do you think these stats should be reported here?

  4. delilahbrat

    Not sure how often, since it seems like the three months goes by when the site appeared, etc, so each sites three month change occurs at different times (at least to my understanding). Maybe every two or three weeks, or so for the updating, since each site stat is changing at different times?

  5. delilahbrat

    okay for some reason, my reply didn’t show up. Hrmmm, I think since each sites 3 month change occurs at different times, maybe a two or three week update? Not sure, whatever you think is best.

  6. delilahbrat

    Yeah, I just realized it DOES change pretty frequently. Here’s the rankings I found this morning
    Suicidegirls- 2,625
    crazybabe- 35,339
    gothicsluts- 36,012
    barelyevil- 40,545
    burning angel- 54,561
    blueblood- 85,526
    godsgirls- 88,258
    eroticbpm- 200,151
    razordolls- 223,481
    deviantnation- 229,683
    supercult- 240,170
    bellavendetta- 381,294
    fatalbeauty- 383,258
    brokendollz- 399,963
    inkygirls- 447,528
    citykittie- 505,284
    nofauxxx- 538,372
    spiceplay- 572,189
    darkplay- 770,537

    yes, I am an alexa nerd. I love that site.

  7. Beeker the StatsNrrd

    When there is more than one URL option for a site, I tend to give them the benefit, so for example EroticBPM has an affiliate tour on the .net which currently has an Alexa of 226,169, while their community site, which is on the .com, has an Alexa of 200,151. I tend to count the community url for Blueblood, which is on the .net and has a current Alexa of 50,291. Much like if we were going to post stats for Serafinasox (4,114,108) or Footfemme (2,934,164), we’d really end up reporting the Cyber-Dyke network’s more respectable ranking of 255,731, since ultimately that’s what those tours are promoting.

  8. delilahbrat

    I can definately see how its confusing now. I’ve been checking up on alexa constantly, and today Brokendollz has gone up to 273,210. I’m just really confused how this 3 month thing works. I understand where you are coming from. It all seems really confusing at times. I just love seeing side by side comparisons of sites and how the stats change, etc. dont mind my babble, been a looooooooong week.

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