Featured Model: Leila

I am a fetish model, a buddhist, a biycle mechanic, a reiki healer and a science geek. Some people might consider me strange, I prefer the term unique.


Photo by Matt Krolack

I started modeling about two years ago for various reasons. Mainly from a desire to create and a little bit from vanity. I like to think of myself as a creative person and I see my modeling work as an expression of that. I enjoy doing a variety of work, anything from more traditional things like artistic nudes to darker fetish themed images.

In the future I hope to do a lot more fetish work and be behind the camera more often. Some of my photography, digital art, and poetry can be seen on my deviant art page. Unfortunately being a full time biology student doesn’t leave me much time for my creative pursuits.

Favorite photographers?

I’ve worked with some great people, including Brian Mackey and Basment Club Studios, both of whose work is shown here.

Leila Leila

Photos by Brian Mackey

Favorite fellow models?

Unfortunately I haven’t had the chance to work with many other models. I have always enjoyed the work of Apnea, she’s beautiful and has a lot of creative images.

Favorite publications/sites?

Currently I am addicted to the site DeviantNation. It’s only just launched, but already has more features than most alt-porn sites.

Where has your work been featured?

I can also be seen in 48: the unrated version, a fine art fetish book featuring the work of Brian Mackey, L.C. Misfit studios, and Stu Levine.


Photo by Basement Club Studios

Contact info

I can be reached at leilasuicide@gmail.com. All emails without a relevent subject line are deleted.

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