A year of hosting with Dreamhost for $9

Readers who have, ya know, ever read this site know I love Dreamhost. They are by far the best host I’ve ever used — great support, excellent services — and they are fine with adult content. PHP5, mod_security, Ruby on Rails. They rule, dude. Rule.

If you’re not a Dreamhost customer, now is a great time to sign up, because you can get a whole year of hosting for only $9, including free domain registration. That kicks ass. Here’s how it works:

  1. Go to Dreamhost
  2. Click on the One-Year Pre-Payment button for the Crazy Domain Insane package
  3. On step 5 of the registration enter 777 into the special promotions box

The code should take $110 off your cost, bringing it down to $9. Score! So if you wanna start that pinup site, now’s your chance.

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