Press Bias writes:

Damn, I hate when wire services not only present a biased slant, but actually spin the stories they send to their partners. The Washington Times, a conservative paper owned by the Rev. Moon, had a UPI piece that claims Louise Bizzari and Barbara Hackett were suspended from the rehabilitation pool for kissing.

Gee, that’s funny, I haven’t heard that excuse anywhere else. According to a comprehensive article in the New York Blade, reasons given were as varied as “we don’t take your insurance” and that the women made threats against the staff and facility. But even if the women were expelled for kissing, the point is that the UPI blurb spins it by just saying “kissing” – this vagueness allows the reader to imagine them making out in public areas, when the reality may have been simple “see you later” peck on the cheek in a locker room.

Did I mention that I hate the conservative press and its spin?

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