Zishy: Kari Pitinova Mnogo RGB


The lovely Kari Pitinova aka Tiki Vulpes is taking everyone on a tour across the Evropeysky shopping mall and this Zishy gallery is a wonderful way to join her.

The mall looks so big and full of various stores to explore. What I love most are all the locations she continues to find where she can show off her naughty side. Like sliding up against a lit-up pole or flashing her lingerie right in the middle of a crowded hallway. Suddenly I forget all about the shopping and the only thing on my mind is seeing more of her.

Thankfully that is very much possible thanks to this Zishy gallery. There’s 61 pics here and each of them shows off just how naughty Kari Pitinova’s little shopping adventure ends up being.

Zishy writes:

This is when I went to the acid-induced Evropeysky shopping mall with Kari Pitinova. She also gave me a tour of one of Moscow’s ornate subway stations. Kari enjoys group dance nights at the park in the summer. She probably thought I was strange, like so many others do, but I am really trying to fit into this psychotic universe. I promise. My therapist says just a few more months and I should start seeing some major progress. Anyways, I am super-grateful she gave Zishy a go. More to come.

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