FTVMILFs: Victoria Sunshine Park and Pool Pleasure


A park is a very interesting place to do something naughty at because odds are you are not alone, and someone could walk past you at any second, so every tease requires a special touch of finesse so no-one but the intended recipient notices the visual treats.

On this FTVMILFs set, Victoria goes for that daring route by lifting her top so it’s constantly showing her titties, and while they’re out like that, bright with sunlight, she also slides her shorts down to her ankles and shifts her panties to the side, just a little bit, enough to show how her beautiful pussy has a nice and healthy bush at the top, crowning it deliciously, which she lets us enjoy before things move to a more private location where she wears a different outfit, a skimpier and sexier one.

Elegance definitely plays a major role in this new section of the set, as it is here that we get to enjoy the full beauty of her body art, and because I love stargazing, I can’t take my eyes off the tattoo on the side of her body while she plays in that chic new garment and takes on a more direct approach to the erotic bits.

Victoria plays on a swing and her tits come out again, followed by her pussy, and while at first it’s just peeks and flashes, she soon shows us the whole thing; her whole sexy bare body in all its desirableness, even spreading her ass cheeks to show her pussy from behind in an irresistible tease where all the sensuality seems to come together wrapped up in a neat little package of glamour and lust.

FTVMILFs Writes:

Greetings! What a pleasure to meet you.

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