2024 AltStar Awards Presented by Bad Dragon: Ceremony Photos by Steven Sandler


The climax of the evening was of course the actual Altstar Awards Show with a sizzling burlesque performance by Daisy Ducati. In a sanctuary from a world that too often hurls judgment and derision at us, for a few hours, we owned the night. With the amazing Jeffrey Damnit as Master of Ceremonies and Malice McMunn as Trophy Goddess, outstanding achievements in the world of alternative adult entertainment got the recognition they so richly deserved. The show only stopped once to make way for the burlesque prowess of Daisy Ducati who lit up the stage with her powerful performance, before intermission, with final categories being covered just after. The room was unmistakably filled with love and mutual respect for everyone’s accomplishments. Words cannot fully describe it. Fortunately there are photos.

AltStar Awards ceremony photos by Steven Sandler. You can follow on Instagram and Twitter on the Fetish Pro Photo web site and the Ephemeral Muse web site.

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