2024 AltStar Hall of Fame Inductees


This June, along with announcing the winners of the AltStar Awards aka AltPorn Awards presented by Bad Dragon, we inducted a few key people into the AltStar Hall of Fame. These are people who have truly changed the shape of alt and made a difference for all creators in the space.

Romi Rain

  • First up, we have Romi Rain. When Romi Rain began performing, the industry was starting to be accepting of tattooed performers, but Romi was a leader in being independent, not giving in to conformist pressure from any direction. Romi marched to the beat of her own drummer, which is what alt is all about. Early to performer-owned content, and truly owning her own brand and persona, she has helped show the way for indie success.

Killshot aka Scott Owens

  • Next up, we have Killshot, also known as Scott Owens. Killshot is perhaps best known for creating Erotic BPM, also known as RaverPorn, the first explicitly alt membership site in the late 90’s. He was early to social features and his SpicePlay project helped popularize tagging adult content and pioneered the platform model of revenue sharing with models. Killshot has had an incredible influence on the whole structure of sharing and monetizing adult content, which is utilized by every premium social media platform today.

Casey Kisses

  • Next up, we have Casey Kisses. With ever-changing hair color and a motorcycle club background, documented in her biopic Casey: A True Story, Casey Kisses has made a mark on the industry as both an alt and trans talent. The top trans performer on Chaturbate, Casey has helped popularize scenes of trans performers with cis women and helped break down barriers in the variety of adult production.

Ashley Fontenot

  • Ashley Fontenot was one of just a handful of female photographers shooting alternative erotica in the early 2000’s heyday of altporn membership sites and one of the only ones to more widely license her work, helping to popularize the aesthetic. She was also one of the first to mix altmodels with fetish, glam, and vintage pinup.

You can browse the AltPorn Awards photos tag to see photos from the event.

AltStar Hall of Fame 2024

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