FTVMILFs: Thalia Penetration At The Pool


I think the way Thalia, aka Tiny Rhea, plays on this FTVMILFs set is fantastic, but before I tell you more about that, first let me share that I love how she looks both when she is naked, and when she is covering her tits and juicy pussy with that orange bikini top and purple thong. It is a splendid view already, and she makes it way better with her erotic shenanigans.

Back to the stupendous concept: Thalia places a dildo with a suction cup on a wall that’s just above the kitchen counter, and she gets up on said platform and jerks off the toy, treats it to some playful lickings, and of course, gives it a taste of her sweet pussy while using that elevated platform.

I also profoundly adore that she is wearing nothing but sneakers for this first part, and that she later takes us to the pool where she gets naked and in the water for her next playtime: a clear dildo masturbation tease where her lucky playmate gets to dive deep inside her wet pussy.

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