TheLifeErotic: Valentina Love Alter Ego 1 by John Bloomberg


Being bound to a chair in an empty room might raise some alarms, but it’s actually the starting point of a particularly kinky TheLifeErotic gallery featuring Valentina Love.

She is serving up a sexy catgirl look with that black leather outfit, the kitty ears on top of her head and the matching high heels over her fishnet stockings. It makes for a fantastically sultry package and there’s even a kittenish statue admiring the beauty as she breaks free from her handcuffs. The plan isn’t to escape, instead she grabs the crop next to her and starts using it as a dildo.

All of the above comes together to create a shoot that’s truly unique and artistically kinky. Valentina Love is the purrfect beauty to be the star of something this sexy and I can’t wait to check out even more of her work over at TheLifeErotic.

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