Congrats on Your Miss MFC Rank, Emily Bloom!


There are less than 15 minutes left to see who will be crowned Miss MFC tonight. Incredible award-winning streamer EmilyBloom has been having a great month, generally being somewhere between #1 and #4 in the Miss MFC rankings. If you have some tokens in your account, now is a great time to log in and help her get that rank. Whether she is at #1 at midnight or not, she is going to be one of the top ranked and what a fabulous achievement that is, out of thousands of cam models, in her long list of achievements.

She is currently doing nude ballet and singing along with “Toss a Coin to Your Witcher” with “toss a coin to your camgirl” alternative lyrics and it is hilarious.

Edit: EmilyBloom was crowned #2 in the May Miss MFC rankings! Congrats to her and how cute does she look in her crown with her inflatable champagne bottle!

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