FTVGirls: Briston Moreau Exotic Bikini Body


The great outdoors of a backyard can be quite the set for a photoshoot it seems and no one know how to do that quite as well as FTVGirls do in this fantastic showcasing of some sunshine and pretty sights under the shade. Briston looks utterly gorgeous in this set, especially with the light blue bikini that matches the backdrop.

I do love the story that the whole set is telling, from a little fun out in the sun in the bikini, to the little toy playing and teasing, to the close-up shots and the full on dildo play that comes later in the frames – it’s all perfectly set up and stunning to look at.

Another photoshoot, another fantastic display of erotica and art from FTVGirls!

It was a really, really long trip! I came in from South Carolina on an 8 hour flight because of a layover but where I stayed I couldn’t get any sleep because of some bike week with harleys everywhere and they never stopped all night! So I was exhausted in the morning. Would probably come more if I wasn’t. I like my vibrator more than the big wand I used maybe because its too strong and it matched my dress anyway. Didn’t think I could come in a public place but I did. Probably because I hadn’t for a couple of days. I did love what I saw of Arizona though. The weather was incredible and I like how its clean and not crowded with people. And the golf courses!

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