SexArt: Primal featuring Victoria Lawsom Photos by Bo Llanberris


Victoria Lawsom is doing it like they do it on the Discovery Channel – and in full tiger body paint it seems. SexArt have some some pretty cool features with some sexy babes but this tiger take on the tiger queen that is wrapped up in black stripes is truly a masterpiece. The brunette is on her knees on almost every shot of this photoshoot, giving into her oral fixations but I also really enjoy how well the close-ups shots are done. It’s like I’m in the jungle myself and watching these two go at each other.

I’m also really a fan of how into the whole get-up both of them are – with body paint covering everything from top to bottom (including genitals) to present this real-life tiger teasing. For more fun and sexy photoshoots, check out SexArt!

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