EroticBeauty: Svajone in Curtain 1 by Max Asolo


I love a good nighttime city view. Something about being in tall towers that feels like being on top of a cloud. But when in the window of that giant towers stands one very naked Svajone, I’m even happier. Nothing like a little exhibitionism to bring on the full naughtiness of a photoshoot and EroticBeauty have done just that with the brunette beauty at the helm.

I’m a sucker for a good close-up and this photoshoot has so much of it – focusing right on every little asset and curve on the slim stunner as she poses right in front of the curtain – even going for a full tease. I also love the little rose tattoo peeking from her hip during some shots!

Svajone looks breathtaking in this EroticBeauty shoot!

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